Saturday, January 12, 2019

For the LOVE of Reading...

I have a class of good readers, but do they LOVE to read? I've been focusing too much on teaching them HOW to read, but I'm not doing enough to foster their LOVE of reading. Sure, they love to be read TO ... but I want them to WANT to curl up and read instead of wanting to sit in front of a monitor and play a computerized game.

How do we balance everything? 

Recently, I've gone OLD-SCHOOL. :) After 15ish minutes of self-selected reading, we're doing music/mix/meet which is SO easy now that GoNoodle ( has so many fun Zumba and KidsBop songs available. 

When the music stops, students stop. When instructed, students find a partner or trio closest to them. [When you allow trios, no one is left out.] Then, talkers and listeners are assigned. The teacher says something like, "The person closest to the window is the talker." The listener simply has to listen. When instructed, he/she repeats back to the talker what was heard. I generally call on a few to share with the whole class. 

This is so easy to do -- I'm not sure why I ever stopped doing this on a regular basis. It used to be part of my daily routine. It's a great way to mix up the entire class [beyond their small groups], get oxygen to the brain [movement matters], and add some fun into reading time. You can foster the love of reading while teaching some soft skills too! 

What are you doing to foster the LOVE of reading in your classroom? I'd love to hear from you! 

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