Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ohio/Iowa Literacy Conference

Thank you for a WONDERFUL two days! I haven't finished uploading everything. My plan is to work on this tomorrow, Saturday, morning. :)

Reading Framework Download 

Reading Ideas

Higher-Order Question Stems

Chewy Louie Summarizing Lesson

Partner Template Download 

2nd Grade Writing Mini-Lessons

3rd-5th Grade Writing Mini-Lessons

Parts of Speech - in action

Parts of Speech PowerPoints

High-Frequency Spelling Words and Rimes

My Spelling Lists -- created from words from the link above

Spelling City Lists

Word Work Ideas

Making Words Lesson - EARTHWORMS

Reading Aloud Research

Foundational Skills Rubrics

Comprehension Strategies

Favorite FREE Websites:

Possible Small-Group Classroom Schedule AND Lesson Plan Format:

  • Since only 30 minutes is allowed for content, integration is done during ELA.
  • Link to Google Doc

Possible Whole-Group Classroom Schedule:

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