Sunday, November 11, 2018

Learn to Spell without Memorization

High-Frequency Spelling Words and Rimes

My Spelling Lists -- created from words from the link above

Spelling City Lists

Word Work Ideas

Making Words Lesson: Snowfall

 s o f l l n s w

Day One: Make and Sort Words
Day Two: Transfer Spelling

Make Words:
Interactive Website: (magnetic letters work too)
an, fan, fawn, lawn, law, low, flow, flaw, slaw
on, no, now, won, own, flown, flow, slow, snow 

Sort Words:
Words that end in -an
Words that have -aw in them
Words that have -ow in them
Ask students for other sorting ideas

Transfer words:
If you can spell ______, you can spell ________ and _______ …
Fan, span, Spain (talk about ai vs. ane), pain, rain, train, trained, trainer, training, retrain
Fawn, yawn, pawn, dawn, drawn, withdrawn (talk bout past participle … draw, drew, have drawn) Own, blown, flown, known (talk about past participle … fly, flew, have flown and know, knew, have known)

Nifty Thrifty Fifty:

I was beyond excited to find the PDF linked above because this PDF was uploaded by one of the authors. It's worth downloading and studying -- it will change how you teach spelling!


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