Friday, August 10, 2018

Creating a Schedule

Creating a schedule should be easy, right? In theory, yes  ... but we have to work with our team and special education department to make sure students receive services at a time that works for all of us. 

My second grade team sat down and came up with this schedule (which I LOVE) and Emalie Lindsey put it in Google Drive for us to modify. Collaboration makes for successful teaching, and we have to work smarter not harder. 

In my district, we have to have 75 minutes of math each day and 150 minutes of English/Language Arts. That means we integrate A LOT of content into our reading/writing lessons. We also add math and reading into our morning center time to make up any deficits. You'll notice that I don't have quite enough minutes on Thursday for math, but students will be engaged in math activities each morning during center time and will be doing lots of problem solving in the Exploratorium. 

As much as I love integrated curriculum and project-based learning, I do my best to do the "content" part of each unit at the specified time. That way students receiving services outside of my room receive the content inside of my room at the right time. I hope that makes sense! Lessons don't always "stop and end," but we still have to make sure we meet our set guidelines.

My "contracted" time is from 8:10-4:10 each day. I do my best to leave when I can each day, but right now I'm taking too much work home. I'm looking forward to being in a routine again. My goal is to work at school and focus on family at home. That means I often have a working lunch ... every minute counts!

I recently started changing my healthy eating habits to counter my eat what I want when I want summer. How many days does it take to make a habit -- 21? That's what I keep telling myself. By the time school begins, I should be well on my way ... Life is all about balance. Don't forget to take care of yourself during this busy season of life. You matter!

I'm looking forward to this year, and I hope you are too! Our students are counting on us. 

Happy back to school!