Friday, May 25, 2018

Make Time for Writing Conferences -- It's Worth It!

The Writer's Workshop framework is my favorite way to teach writing, and it's so easy to do! You simply model a mini-lesson (write aloud) for about 10 minutes a day -- allowing one minute per year of age is a good rule to follow for the mini-lesson time. Then, students write. While they're writing, you confer with them. 

I like to pull about six students to my table at a time. I ask each one to share something with me, and I use that writing in our conference. The other students are writing while they're waiting, but they're listening too. 

Below is a 30 second excerpt of a three minute conference. Before you guide a student to fix something, be sure to say something nice about their writing. This is a great time to strengthen relationships with students. 

Try to guide students to fix their own mistakes, and don't correct everything on the page. The only time I correct everything is for a focused piece that I'm assessing for grade-level work. 

Feel free to comment with any questions you have. Some students learn to read by reading. Some students learn to read by writing, and some students learn to read through word work. It's important to include all three components in your English/Language Arts block.

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