Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Best Worst Video -- 7 Continents

Haha -- this video always makes me laugh out loud. Seriously.

I teach with Emalie Lindsey, and she said, "You HAVE to show this video to your class. It's the best worst video ..." I'm glad I listened to her!

So many of Mr. DeMaio's words were repeated in my classroom -- all year long. Plus, the students learned the location of all of the continents. EVERY time my students heard the word Africa, they broke out in song.

Here are some one-liners that are simply forever stuck in my head ...

"Seven, seven, seven on a hot dog seven ..."
"Top bunk, bottom bunk ..."
"You're up ... like you're up..."

Once you watch it, you'll understand. This may be my all-time favorite teaching video. Just remember, you've been warned -- this may just be the best worst video you've ever seen.

You might want to follow Mr. DeMaio on YouTube and Twitter to keep up with his latest work:  https://twitter.com/MDeMaio7. :)


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