Monday, January 15, 2018

Math Center Idea -- Multiple Sort

This center covers so many standards. Students can sequence number from least to greatest. Once their multiples are up, they can work together to remove a number from the multiple list for a friend to figure out. Yesterday, my principal even suggested letting kids create their own patterns. 

An anchor chart provides support for students with early-readiness skills.

As I'm adding more math center ideas into my classroom, I decided a multiple sort is just what my students need to become fluent in multiplication. They WANT to learn multiplication, but I tell them that they CAN'T until they master addition and subtraction fluency. 
Then, I do a whole-class mini-lesson showing them how multiples and multiplication are related.  I love watching their excitement as they learn something new. Now, I won't let them PRACTICE multiplication/division number bonds as a center choice until they demonstrate fluency in addition/subtraction. However, they CAN CHOOSE them if they have free-choice time. It's amazing what students will learn when they don't "have" to learn it. 

I plan to print each set of multiple cards on a different color of paper. For example, 3s will be on green, 4s will be on pink, 5s will be on blue, and so on. I also plan to make a prettier anchor chart to hang up in the room -- the one above is the one I made with the students. Some day I am going to master efficiently making anchor charts in class that actually look nice enough to display. Since I'm 25 years into teaching, the likelihood of this actually happening is slim. :) That's okay -- it's still a goal of mine. 

You could do the multiple sort on a clothesline. Laureen Reynolds, author of Creating Classroom Centers, gave a clothesline idea that can be used for many types of sorting activities. Once cards are made, students use clothespins to hang the cards in correct multiple order. Then, they can check them against the anchor chart to make sure they're correct. This is a simple, engaging center idea that is self-checking. 

Link to online class, Creating Classroom Centers:

*Photos used with permission from Nixa Public Schools.

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