Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Word Work is Important -- Scavenger Hunt Ideas

My students love using their independent reading books to find words to add to our scavenger hunt charts. We are still learning how to write the words on the prefix/suffix charts. Next time, we won't put a dash after the prefix. I love Rich Allen's quote, "If you're not modeling, you're teaching something else." Well . . . I did model a dash after the re- on the heading. You can see that I have some reteaching to do. Did you notice the prefix re- in the word reteaching?

Shout out to Mrs. Brittany Risenhoover for making these nonlinguistic representations for our word wall. The oven symbolizes the prefix. The carrots symbolize the "root" words. The carrot cake symbolizes the suffix or ending. I can't wait to add words to our wall!

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