Monday, January 26, 2015

M.A.P. Testing in Missouri

Are you looking for information to help you prepare for the upcoming M.A.P. test? Check back for updates because I've just started researching. :)

There are practice tests that you can view and students can take online. I had to download a secure server, uninstall shared Dropbox, and uninstall SMART sync to access the tests. It's worth the extra time to get an idea of what students are expected to do. The links below should help you.

Achievement Level Descriptors (Students are responsible for info in level 1, 2, and 3 to be proficient.) 

Equation Response Editor Tool: 
"The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to use the Equation Response Editor tool, and to let you practice using it. You will be using this tool to enter answers that are numbers, expressions, or equations":

ELA Sample Items:

Math Sample Items:

Multiple Sample Items from Different States:

Practice Activities:

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Nancy Wells said...

You might find our Language Arts printables very helpful for test prep as well.