Thursday, November 21, 2013

MO 1st and 2nd Grade Teachers -- Join Me in St. Louis on December 9-10

MO Conference


Anonymous said...

I have tried to find the Handouts for your session Taking Your Students Deeper with Project-Based Learning.
I type it into the search engine and all I get is the Teacher Pay Teacher link. From there I have no idea what to print... Conference is in a few days and I really want to make sure I have all the material that I need. :) Thank You!
Katie Donnell

Cheryl Dick said...

Hi Katie,

You don't need to print anything. :) I have everything linked for easy navigation -- the links will make sense after the session. Sorry for the confusion. I"m speaking in Arizona today and will update the blog some more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am having trouble locating the correct document on your page! Leaving for the SDE conference in Las Vegas and will be attending your fabulous session! Any ideas? Thanks.

Cheryl Dick said...

Hi, Tara. I think this link may help:
See you soon!