Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Differentiate Partners with the Easy to Use Template

Differentiate Partners with this easy to use PowerPoint template. Pages are hyperlinked so teachers can easily instruct students to work in partners with minimal management required.
Students only see names on the screen, but the teacher has a ‘key’ as to how the partners were made [see example below].

If the teacher calls for 3 partners to work together (see key below), he automatically knows that he needs to work with the four-six early-readiness students because they will need more support.

Partners --- Teacher's Key Example
8:00: Student Selected Partner (Heterogeneous)
9:00: Peer Tutor (ER paired with R; R paired with AR)
10:00: Student Selected Partner (Heterogeneous)
11:00: Similar Abilities Paired Together (ER paired with ER, R with R, AR with AR – Homogeneous)
12:00: Student Selected Partner (Heterogeneous)
1:00: Similar Abilities Paired Together (Homogeneous)
2:00: Student Selected Partner (Heterogeneous)
3:00: Math (Homogeneous – Similar Abilities Paired)
4:00: Reading (Homogeneous – Similar Abilities Paired)
5:00: Science Peer Tutor
6:00: Similar Abilities Paired Together (Homogeneous)
7:00 Student Selected Partner (Heterogeneous)

Partners for Susie Q.
8:00: Johnny
9:00: Jennifer
10:00: Matthew
11:00: Harrison
12:00: Sandra
1:00: Kevin
2:00: Cindy
3:00: Kurt
4:00: Sean
5:00: Faith
6:00 Brad
7:00 Kate

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