Friday, April 20, 2012

Writing PD Opportunity July 30 or 31 in Nixa, MO

If you're like me, your summer calendar is filling up quickly. If you're local, you might be interested in attending the Back-to-School PD I do for Nixa.  They charge a fee for this (unless you're a Nixa employee), but it's not that much. If I remember correctly, it's not more than $50 a day. 

I'm planning to present a day on Writer's Workshop for 2nd-6th grade and maybe a day on Brain or Differentiated Instruction or ???. They're still working on the details. Registration is not open yet, but I thought I'd extend an invitation in case you're interested. I'll post a comment to this when I know more.

I'm planning to have lots of lessons ready-to-go for the Writer's Workshop session. 


Josh Bennett said...

Sounds great, Cheryl - I'd love more information! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you posted. :)