Friday, April 27, 2012

Planning for 2012-2013

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A student teacher brought an educational supply catalog to me today to ask about a couple of items. When she showed me the owl border, I knew I had to have it. :) I'm usually not a fan of pre-made things, but I LOVE these! Plus, they match my room, AND I can use them to accent my anchor charts. I'm not sure I have room for the tree, but I can use the smaller items ...

Of course, I'm JUSTIFYING because I bought them today. :-)

I plan to have my boards finished for next year before this year's over because I start each year with material, borders, and titles. That's it! The rest is added as I teach. (Check out the page that has a video of my classroom for pictures of what my room looked like at the beginning of this year. The owl border is going to replace the dots.)

I've filled in all the dates in my lesson-plan book for 2012-2013. I know I should format them on the computer, but I actually enjoy writing them down in colored pens. :-) The ones below are my favorite, and Wal-mart sells them for less than $1.50 a bag. 

I also have my assessment folder ready with curriculum cards and quick-check forms already copied. Call me Type A, but when school is over, I can rest easy that I'm all ready for next year. 

When my youngest son, now 17, was little he said, "My daddy likes his job, but not as much as my mommy." I LOVE teaching and everything about it. It's wonderful to get paid for something I enjoy doing.  

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