Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Am I? M.A.P. Math Review with EXTRA Cards

What Am I?

1.  Tape vocabulary words on students' backs without them seeing the words.
2.  Students walk around the room asking yes/no questions until they figure out the vocabulary words written on their backs. (I tell students they can only ask the same person TWO questions. Then, they must find a new partner.)
3.  Once a student guesses correctly, she gets a new word taped to her back, and the game continues. :-)

Do I have to do with graphs?
Am I the number that shows up the most often on a line plot?
Am I the difference between the largest number and the smallest number on a line plot?
Am I range?
I've played this game for years, but today is the first day I used extra cards. This way, ALL students were on task the entire time. Notice they're hanging out by the math vocabulary board. :-)

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