Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clicker Test Review

Hand students remote controls and reviewing for the state assessment becomes FUN. 

The instant, anonymous feedback is a great way to boost achievement in the final weeks of M.A.P. review.

After each multiple-choice question, students chose their answer on the remote control. Then, with a click of a button, a graph was displayed showing how many students chose each answer. Students whooped and hollered every time 100% of the class chose the right answer.  I heard many students say, "That's ok, I missed one earlier," when all but one or two students got the right answer. They were cheerleaders for each other. When most of the class missed an answer, I told them that I needed to reteach that skill -- not to worry about it.  

It's amazing how long technology can keep students engaged. 


Josh Bennett said...

I was fortunate enough to get clickers this year and my kids LOVE them. We are actually going to use them for our upcoming MAP/Parent Night. We're going to do a Family Feud type game with them. I also love doing paperless quizzes with them - it makes our lives so much easier! :)


Anonymous said...

Lucky! Our building shares three sets. I wish I had my own -- I'd use them all the time as a quick pre-assessment and post-assessment each day.

Mrs. Del Conte said...

I've done polls with my 5th graders using their cell phones. They LOVED that! I only had 3 out of 22 without one at school and those 3 were able to use my class lop tops to participate. I could see that being an alternative to clickers if you had all the review questions entered into the site...I'll have to see if I can remember which one I used.

Anonymous said...

That's a GREAT idea -- especially for the older students with cell phones. They're using them anyway -- might as well make it productive use. :)

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