Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Personal Narrative Lesson

(Here are some of the slides.)

My Trip to Mexico
    Last summer, my family went on a cruise to Mexico with three other families to celebrate the high school graduation of my son, my niece and one of my son’s best friends. I have many favorite memories of that trip.

     First, all the families caravanned to Alabama, the port where we set sail. Packing the car to hold ALL of our luggage was quite a feat. Can you believe that I only had a small carry-on suitcase and my husband and sons packed GIANT suitcases? They rationalized the fact that their clothes were larger and bulkier than mine. After situating ourselves with snacks, books, movies, pillows and blankets, we began the journey in my 2002 Chevrolet Impala. It was a rather uneventful trip until a sound as loud as a gunshot alerted us to danger. We looked around in horror to realize that the driver’s side front tire literally exploded on the highway. Fortunately, no one was injured; my transmission didn't fair aswell. Our Garmin Navigational System proved useful as it directed us to the nearest tire shop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. New tires, a little duct tape and inconvenience, and we were off again. Later that evening, we joined our family and friends for dinner at the local bar-b-que restaurant before dropping the car off at the dealership for repair. I was secretly hoping that it would cost too much to fix, and I would have to drive home in a new car but that didn't happen.

     After a good night’s sleep at a local hotel, we boarded the Carnival Ship called The Holiday with our seasickness pills in tow. They came in handy on several occasions …

(This is where the story stops. I didn't continue writing because I feel that I've written enough to make the point. This lesson would easily stretch over three-four days.)

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