Monday, March 12, 2012

Parts of Speech Made Simple

Important note:
Students USE parts of speech in writer's workshop to spice up their writing. They also use them when writing their 16 or 20 word summary sentences in reading because adjectives and adverbs help stretch out a sentence when used properly. :-)

Link to download lesson:

Parts of speech can be easily taught with this teacher's guide and ready-to-go lessons. 

Parts of Speech are taught in layers with a question/answer flow in this order:
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs/Adverbs
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs/Adverbs/Adjectives
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs/Adverbs/Adjectives/Prepositional Phrases
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs/Adverbs/Adjectives/Prepositional Phrases/Article Adjectives

Each layer is a separate PowerPoint with 16 sentence examples. I typically teach two sentences a day for eight days. Once I feel students have mastered a layer, I add in the next.

Adverb Cheer:

(Make punching motions)
~HOW did you punch him?
~WHEN did you punch him?
~WHERE did you punch him?
(Jerk your thumb over your shoulder like your asking the child to get out of the room.)
~Go to the office!
(Make two fists and pretend to pound the air.)

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