Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Science Experiments - Writing in Science

Do you want to increase test scores? Teach kids to THINK. :) Look at the students' faces. Students LOVE science, but it's not tested at the 4th grade level in my state. Does that mean we stop teaching it? Absolutely not! Marzano's research indicates student achievement increases when teachers have students form hypotheses and draw conclusions. 

Conclusion:  Increase math and reading scores by teaching science. 

Students were learning if air and water can occupy the same space with this experiment. I modeled how to conduct the experiment and let them form hypotheses. Then, they conducted the experiment and drew conclusions. Finally, they shared this experiment with their parents at student-led conferences. Learning can be so much fun!

Making Oobleck:  Is it a solid or a liquid?  (or a colloidal suspension?)

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