Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Conversations Increase Comprehension

Reading Lesson Plan:
Mini-Lesson:  Discussed story elements of fictional text [characters, setting, problem].
During:  Students chose a fictional story from the reading basal. Then, they chose whether to read with partners or in a group. Group reading was set up like this:
1.  Read a section (usually about three inches)
2.  Summarize
3.  Ask a question
4.  Answer the question
5.  Predict or infer
(Then, rotate roles.)
After:  We had a class discussion to see if students identified the characters, setting, and problem in the different stories. Students didn't have time to FINISH reading the stories, but they read enough to complete the mini-lesson for discussion.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about sequencing main events and continue reading where we left off today. Each group will be in different places reading different stories, but they should still be able to participate in class discussions.

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