Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singapore Math

The top shows traditional math  -- the bottom shows Singapore Math.

If you haven't heard of Singapore Math, you will. I attended a session yesterday, and it was the BEST math workshop I've ever attended. Monica Andrews, Gena Wenger and LaDonna Hunt attended too -- our local math experts. (Lori Elliott too -- our tech expert)

The examples above show the 'tradtional' ways to solve the problems and the 'model drawing' ways. Even ratios were easy to solve. I think what I liked best is that it isn't a 'program.' It's simply a tool you can teach students to use in your daily problem solving practice you are currently implementing. If you would like to know more and teach at Thomas, Espy or Century, check with your math specialist. I'll also be happy to demonstrate for you.

I plan to start using this right away with the student I am tutoring in math.

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