Friday, February 25, 2011

5th Grade Resources - Aligned to Benchmark Data

Aims Online Sample Tests in Math and Reading:

Communication Arts Resources:

Drawing Conclusions Graphic Organizer:

Context Clues:

Figurative Language:

Quia Game:

Simile PowerPoint:

Duke Ellington by Andrea Pinkney is my favorite resource to model many types of figurative language to students:

Conventions Practice:

Spelling Resources:

• Find the misspelled word:

Word confusion:

Math Resources:

• I Have … Who Has? Games:

Brain Teasers for 5th Grade:

Test-Taking Skills for 5th Grade Math:

Test Prep for 5th Grade Math:


Anonymous said...

Try these brain teasers too

how to do limits said...

Good post,thanks for sharing such nice test paper links,parents should provide an mathematical environment so they will easily learn maths.