Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Encouraging Making Words Lesson

Lesson modified from:

Lesson 26 from Cunningham, P. (2003). Big Words for Big Kids:  Systematic Sequential Phonics and Spelling. Greensboro, NC:  Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.

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*According to Robert Marzano, highly effective teachers use similarities and differences in their classrooms. When sorting and transferring, you are finding similarities and differences. :-)

This is typically a two-day lesson. You have students make the words the first day, and sort and transfer the second day.

Make the Words:
  • rage
  • raging
  • race
  • racing
  • care
  • caring
  • uncaring
  • canoe
  • canoeing
  • courage
  • encouraging
Sort the Words for Patters:
  • rage, raging
  • race, racing
  • care, caring, uncaring
  • canoe, canoeing
  • courage, encouraging
  • raging, racing, caring, uncaring
  • etc.

Transfer the Words:
  • If you can spell race, you can spell lace.
  • If you can spell lace, you can spell unlace.
  • If you can spell racing, you can spell lacing.
  • If you can spell care, you can spell dare.
  • If you can spell caring, you can spell daring.
  • If you can spell rage, you can spell stage.
  • If you can spell raging, you can spell staging.
Sort the Transfer Words into the Other Words:
  • See examples below

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