Friday, September 3, 2010

Brain Friendly Math Presentation -- Drury University

Key Points of Presentation:
  • Teach the written curriculum.
  • Assess the writtten curriculum.
  • Have high expectations.
  • Include all.
  • Make students accountable when pair/sharing.
    • Finish that thought. Pause right there. Thank your partner for sharing.
    • Randomly call of partners to share their discussions with the class.
  • Add movement to learning to help. This helps students retrieve PROCEDURAL memory.
  • Prime students -- preview information before teaching it.
  • Use stories like Gallon Guy. I LOVED the ladder example for coordinate pairs.
  • Use songs like 18 Wheels on a Big Rig by Trout Fishing in America (and School House Rock).
  • Remember that teaching is fun and what you're doing is important.
Thank you for sharing your evening with me last night. The interaction was much appreciated. It's obvious that many of you have a passion for teaching students. :-)

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