Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Happy School is a Happening School

To keep focused on the importance of a sense of humor to survive in a challenging profession, the best teachers practice! Check out the attire above ... Mrs. Cooper was all turned around, and Mrs. White's  and Mrs. Aldrich's classes were having an Italian Day. These teachers definitely made me SMILE! Thanks!!

A sense of humor is important:
    *laugh loudly
    *tell someone something amusing
    *smile at least once every hour during the day
    *play at least once and look for fun in your day. If you can't find it, create it.
    *make humor a habit
    *send a colleague a 'unique' surprise
    *make a list of things you have already accomplished today
    *dream about what you will do on summer break
Excellence can be attained if YOU...
...CARE more than others think is wise.
...RISK more than others think is safe.
...DREAM more than others think is practical.
...EXPECT more than others think is possible.
~Author Unknown