Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barbara's 4th Grade Science Post

Fourth grade science teachers at Century have been working on developing instructional activities to address the targeted learner objectives for their force and motion unit [see the form below, Force and Motion Deconstructed GLEs]. The two activities below are excellent science labs designed to have the students explore the concepts incrementally and in depth. The stations in the static electricity lab allow students to talk over their ideas with their teammates and the repeated questions provide students with opportunity to see patterns and relationships. Notice how the questions begin with descriptions of what they saw, and then the questions at the end allow them to begin drawing conclusions.

Another significant point to notice is that the activities are very focused on exactly what the targeted learning goals are. The verbs of the GLEs match the verbs of the activity. Finally, it’s important to remember that these are instructional exploration activities, not quizzes, and teachers don’t need to collect and grade them, but instead should use them for discussion.

Force and Motion Deconstructed GLEs for 4th Grade (2)

Newton Experiment

Static Electricty Stations (2)

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