Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visual Trail and PowerPoint

Simile Lesson

Writing Lesson:

(10 minutes) Review similes with PowerPoint. Collect similes from the text and add them to the chart. Model adding a simile to the text. (Mrs. Youman's 4th grade class compared the earth's crust to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)

(20 minutes) Instruct students to look through their writers' notebooks to see where they can add similes. When they finish, they should free write. Confer with four or five students on their writing.

(10 minutes) Gather students on the carpet and collect similes. Check out the ones written by Mrs. Youman's 4th graders on the chart above. Her class is as smart as a room full of writing teachers! :-)

By collecting the similes on chart paper, you are leaving a visual trail of learning for your students. I'm a huge proponent for technology use in the classroom, but charting the learning on paper (notice the printed slides taped on chart paper) leaves a trail behind for students to peruse when their minds begin to wander or they have a minute or two of free time.

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