Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Writer's Workshop - Student Work


The examples in this post are from my son's writing notebooks in 4th grade; he's currently a freshman. Although I wasn't his fourth grade teacher, his teacher and I collaborated and followed the same general format for lessons/student work/conferring. This is still my favorite way to organize student work during writer's workshop.

You'll notice that Kyle had two writing notebooks. One was for mini-lessons and the other was for free writing. I know it's hard to read his writing, but you can scroll through these pages to see the anecdotal records written by his teacher during his writing conferences AND the scope-and-sequence of lessons taught throughout the year.

Two things I would change (remember these examples are FIVE years old) include adding mini-lessons integrating each of the Six-Traits (continuing to sprinkle conventions lessons throughout) and scoring some of the students' work in their mini-lesson notebooks with a scoring rubric similar to the one posted below.

Kyle had an amazing teacher in 4th grade! Thanks, Mrs. Sallee, for having Kyle keep these two documents so I can share them with other teachers. :o)

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