Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing 2009-2010 Book Study BLOG

As of Thursday, May 7
9 Books Left

You are invited to join a book study blog! The first 25 Nixa teachers to register will receive this book for FREE. (You will need to complete the study to keep the book.) Read/Post from school or home on YOUR schedule. I've read the entire book ... cover to cover; this is one book study you won't want to miss! It's appropriate for ALL grade-levels.

XYZ Book Study Suggested Guidelines

Pace Yourself: YOU decide when and where to post; this is YOUR study! Once you post a reflection, lesson, question and/or story to each section, the book is yours to keep . . . if you were one of the first 25 Nixa teachers to register.

Postings: Dr. Allen has suggested reflections at the end of each section. You may choose to post reflections or stories, lesson ideas and/or questions regarding information. If you share stories, please omit students' names.

Other Postings: Consider reading other educators' postings and responding to their questions/comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read the new book!!!

Kelly Carter said...

Love this idea! I can't wait to start! Do we have a timeline?

Anonymous said...

I started to make a timeline and then changed my mind; you set your own. I'm really excited to see how the on-line collaboration works. :)