Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dogmatic - Weighty Word Book - Storytelling

The Weighty Word Book by Paul M. Levitt, Douglas A. Burger and Elissa S. Guralnick is FINALLY back in print through University of New Mexico Press.

It's chalk-full of fantastic stories that teach vocabulary words. Do you know the meaning of these words? The authors have written a story for each one ... and others too.
  • abasement
  • bifurcate
  • coruscate
  • dogmatic
  • expedient
  • felicity
  • geriatrics
  • heresy
  • ingratiate
  • juxtapose
  • ...

This is most of the dogmatic story:

In the deep, warm fur of a dog named Shadrack, there lived a family of ticks: a mother, a father, and their daughter, Polly. The ticks had a contented, happy home in Shadrack's fur. Shadrack never scratched himself, rolled over or took a bath. So the ticks enjoyed a close family life, until one day . . .

On that day, little Polly Tick climbed out of Shadrack's fur and snuggled into his mat. . .

Polly's father could not understand . . .

Her father was crushed. "Isn't there anything I can do to convince you to come home?" he asked.
Polly said, "No!"
"Why?" asked her father.
"Because," Polly answered, "I believe that I am right and you are wrong."
"And I believe," replied her father sternly, "that you are being stubborn and strong-willed! I see that you will never change your mind. There's no use reasoning with you, now that you've become a dog-mat tick."

So, when people will not change their opinions because they are stubborn, like Polly, who left home to become a dog-mat tick, those people are called dogmatic.
  • Weighty Word Too was also just published. It's a new book, but if it's anything like the first one, it will be entertaining and informational!

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