Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Readers Evaluate

When you're teaching 'good reader' strategies, how do you teach students to evaluate books? Evaluations are personal opinions of the text. I've used "Booger Love" for years when teaching this strategy to teachers. Some of you will LOVE it ... and some will have different opinions. Regardless, prepare to be grossed out ... By the way, I happen to be one who loves it!

Booger Love
Written by: Brod Bagert

I love this little booger,
All shiny green and black.
You can hold it for a minute,
But I want my booger back.

It stays right where I put it,
It sure knows how to stick.
And if it gets too dry ...?
It just needs a little lick.

I can hold it on my finger,
I can flick it in the air,
I can stick it underneath a desk,
Or underneath a chair.

I can make a ball and roll it
Just to see which way it goes.
I love this booger anywhere ...
Except inside my nose.

What's your evaluation (opinion) of the poem? By the way, my book, Giant Children, is falling apart because it's been read so many times by children.

You can find this poem and many others in the book, Giant Children, written by Brod Bagert. His website is:
~Poem posted with author's permission

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