Monday, November 10, 2008

Bump UP Questioning

What's more important, the question or the answer?
  • The question!

How can we encourage students to ask MORE questions?

  • Consider 'planting' questions and having students try to find the mole. For those of you wondering how a mole plays into this, it's a spin on the reality television show, The Mole.

Write several questions on index cards; be sure to include higher-level thinking questions. Select a few students and meet with them privately before class. Their job is to memorize the question given and to ask it when you say, "Does anyone have any questions?"

The other students in the class know there are moles; their job is to try to figure out who they are. How many of you would have students pretending to be the mole? This, in itself, should boost questioning in your classroom, and it's fun!

Read more about this strategy in Betty Hollas' book, Differentiating Instruction in a Whole-Group Setting. It's called, "I Do Have a Question."

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