Sunday, October 26, 2008

Six Traits: Word Choice and Fluency

This resource is a MUST have; I don't know how I ever taught writing without it. The Onomatopoeia Poem, Strong Verb Poem and Simile City Play will definitely encourage your students to add spice to their writing. There's a page on writing a Paul Revere sentence many different ways which will help you teach fluency. A fluent paper sounds good when read aloud.

Strong Verb Poem
The Dog Ate the Bone
By: Melissa Forney
The dog ate the bone.
Don't you think that's kind of weak?
The verb here is "ate"
But it needs a little tweak.
The dog ate the bone,
Let's try another verb.
One that's really fun to write,
One that's quite superb.
The dog could devour the bone,
Nibble, gnaw or munch it.
The dog could snark-up the bone,
Gobble, bite or crunch it.
The dog could consume the bone,
Oh yes, that dog could do it,
Inhale the bone, impale the bone,
Swallow, gulp or chew it.
So when you're writing to impress,
Don't use a verb that fizzles.
Think of every word you know.
And give me one that sizzles!
~Poem posted with author's permission

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