Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shhhh ... Secret Recipe Examples for Better Answers

This is sticky-note reading with a twist. Instead of having students randomly place sticky-note answers on a chart, number boxes and have them place their sticky note answers in their designated places. What an easy way to formatively assess! Thank you, Mandie, for sharing this idea last year!
Thank you, Kim, for letting me take photographs of your students' work. Did you notice the answer frames on the bottom of the charts? AND ... Kim laminated these and uses Vis-a-Vis markers to write her questions. The charts are reusable!

Find reading questions at this link:

The numbers on the posters represent individual student numbers. If you don’t assign numbers to your students, you could write initials there; it helps with accountability. I usually have five or six questions posted in the room and students answer as many questions as they can in the allotted time – knowing that all students won’t have time to answer all questions. As long as they’re diligently working, the lesson differentiates itself. The advanced readiness students will answer more and the early readiness students will answer less. The numbers are to help me track the ‘lazy students’ and return post-its with incorrect responses.


Jennifer said...

Love it! I am going to be doing this next year! Thanks for sharing.

Candis - I Teach Dual Language said...

This is BRILLIANT! I have always been a proponent of exit tickets and sticky note responses but never thought of organizing them this way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


This picture was taken in my friend's classroom -- Kim Brubaker. :)

The idea of creating the grid for accountability was from a former student teacher and friend, Mandie Funk.

The only credit I can take is the secret-recipe answer frame at the bottom of the poster.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely becoming a permanent part of my classroom. It's great for informal assessments!

Jenni said...

For the question/answer examples...I hate using Vis-a-Vis, they always make a mess! You could use a sheet protector and slip the printed question in there for each time. I love this idea; it holds each student accountable and gives us, the teacher, quick feedback!