Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Partner Reading Differentiates

Effective Partner Reading is One Way to Differentiate.

  • Partner one reads a section.

  • Partner two paraphrases, summarizes or questions.

  • Then, partners switch roles.

    In guided reading, MOST of the time should be spent READING. If you partner read in the above manner, it will score a 5 or 6 (a HIGH score) on the Instructional Practice Inventory (IPI).

A Typical Guided Reading Lesson:

  • Before: About 10 minutes (teach a mini-lesson)

  • During: Actual READING … about 20 minutes … I did partner reading with a purpose about 80% of the year.

  • After: About 10 minutes (closure on the mini-lesson taught in the before section)

If you simply have students take turns reading when partner reading, that's the same thing as round-robin reading. Be sure the listener has a job to do and that students take turns reading and completing the job.

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