Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inferences Through Photographs

What's the difference between an inference and a prediction in reading?

  • To infer means to draw meaning from a combination of clues in the text without EXPLICIT reference to the text. It's basically 'reading in-between the lines.'

  • To predict means to use context and content clues to ANTICIPATE what might happen next. Predictions can be validated or invalidated through reading.

Now, try this:

See if you can INFER where this picture was taken. Gather clues in the photograph and use what you KNOW to make an inference.

What about the one below? Be sure to post your inferences. Answers will be revealed soon.


Anonymous said...

Is it the Brooklyn Bridge?

Anonymous said...

New Orleans?

Niagra Falls

Anonymous said...

is the second one Niagara Falls?

Anonymous said...

Is the second one Niagara Falls?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the second one is Niagra Falls, but the first is not the Brooklyn Bridge. It's from a warmer climate.