Thursday, June 4, 2015

Making 10s Card Trick

Directions:  This works with real playing cards. Simply remove the face cards and the 10s. This modification is for younger students that might get confused when an Ace equals one. The ten frames also give them a visual to help build number sense.

    • You need two players. 
    • Player one chooses two cards that DO NOT equal 10. He/She does not show these cards to the other player.
    • Player two begins placing cards face up -- one at a time on a table/desk.
    • When two cards on the table make 10, he/she covers those cards with two other cards that are face up also. He/She can only cover two cards that make ten, not three. For example:  8,2. 9,1. 6,4. NOT 7, 2, 1.
    • The second player continues to cover cards that make ten until he/she runs out of cards. 
    • Then, he/she begins picking up stacks of cards that make 10. For example, he/she will pick up a stack with a 4 and a stack with a 6. Then, the child will pick up a stack with a 7 and a stack with a 3. Eventually, only two stacks of cards will be left. 
    • The second player is holding two cards. There should be two stacks left. If the cards left are a 7 and a 1, the second player should be holding a 3 and a 9. Basically, the cards will make 10. Thus, the student "guesses" the cards in the other player's hands.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Brain Breaks with Go Noodle!

    I love the energy and excitement in this class! They make coming to school so much fun. :-)

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    Testing Tip

    Emalie Lindsey came up with a super cute song about adding details to ELA constructed responses, so my class followed her lead and made one of our own. We used the GoNoodle song, "Get Your Body Moving," and changed the words to, "Get those details written."  Cami White coined the phrase, "IKTBTTS" which means, "I know this because the text says." That's what the kids are saying at the end of this short clip. Thought I'd share the fun with all of you. :)