Monday, February 5, 2018

Making Words Lesson - Earthworm

This Making Words lesson has four parts. It generally takes me two days to do Making Words.

1. Make your own words. 
2. Make words together. 
3. Sort words made together. 
4. Transfer the spelling of words made together to other words.


1.  Open this site on the SMARTBoard:  Students do the same on their Chrome books.

2. Instruct students to move these letters over to the refrigerator:
a, e, o, h, m, r, r, t, w

3.  With these letters, let them try to spell as many words as they can. They can write down their words in their working with words notebook or on a whiteboard.  Collect a few of their words and add them to chart paper.

4.  Make words together.  Say:
  • Take three letters, spell the word hat. Add a letter, spell the word hate. Rearrange those letters, spell the word heat. Add a letter, spell the word heart. Use four letters from that word to spell the word hear. Remove a letter, spell the word her. 
  • Take three new letters, spell the word the. Add a letter, spell the word them. Remove a letter, spell the word hem. Change the vowel, spell the word ham. Add a letter, spell the word harm. Change one letter, spell the word hare (rabbit). 
  • Take three new letters, spell the word arm. Add a letter, spell the word warm. Add an ending, spell the word warmer. Rearrange those letters to spell something that means to warm again (rewarm). Remove the prefix (re), and add two letters to the end of the word to spell warmth.  

5.  Sort the words. All of the words won't fit into a neat little category, but sort what you can. Let students come up with categories. They can do this in their working with words notebooks. Some categories could be:  words that start with h, words that start with he, words that have short vowel sounds, words that have long vowel sounds, words that have warm in them ...

6.  Transfer the spelling from one word to lots of others. If you can spell warmth, you can spell sixth and growth. If you can spell rewarm, you can spell reheat. You can also spell redo. If you can spell heat, you can spell wheat, treat, and defeat.  You'll transfer the spelling based on the categories created by the students in the word sort. This is the application piece, so don't cut this short. :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

San Marcos

I hope everyone enjoyed the conference! I think I have uploaded everything to my website. If you can't find something, email me:  Thanks so much for coming to my sessions!

Making 10s Card Game

This works if you remove all the 10s and face cards so students are always covering two cards that equal 10. You can also split the deck in half leaving 2 of each card. It still works!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Digital Writing for the 21st Century


DI Strategies for Math and Reading

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Differentiating for Special Populations

Food Matters! Brain-Smart Food

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